Wednesday, 30 December 2009

N332 - up and down on the Costas

There are new facilities on the N332
! This well-known road leads from north to south and vice versa along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. And now the good old N332 has acquired an interesting feature involving oranges and young ladies. Before the motorways came, way back in the 20th century, this national road was the main route from Valencia to Almeria province and back again! As I write these remarks here in my area of the Northern Costa Blanca there will be those of you north and south of me who let this name 'N332'  trip off their tongue several times a day. It is the main road for local travel.There will be many like me who regard the N332 with great familiarity and at least some affection.

I live about 5 kilometres coastward of it. To go south I can join it at Teulada, and to go north I would join just north of Gata de Gorgos - where all those shops selling baskets nestle adjacent to each other. Suppose you leave Gata and drive northwards out of town passing Bricoman (for Bricolage) and continue north. This is the part of the road where I first noticed the young ladies. On both sides the orange groves are open to the road. Very soon you may notice some young ladies standing at the edge of the road. There is often a white plastic chair just behind them in the orange grove, so sometimes they presumably sit rather than parade or pose facing the oncoming traffic.They are not all in one place, you understand, sometimes there might be a girl alone, but more often a pair of girls.